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Self Hypnosis Workshop - October 2019

Self Hypnosis Workshop - October 2019

Learn self hypnosis

Next Workshop: October 2019

Harness the power of your mind

  • Sleep better

  • Get the body shape you want

  • Change unwanted habits and develop new empowering habits

  • Feel more confident

  • Have more energy, feel more motivated & happier

Move Beyond Anxiety Workshop - June 2019

Move Beyond Anxiety Workshop - June 2019

Beyond anxiety

Next Class : 22nd June 2019

Stress is something we all face in our lives. It’s not something that is likely to disappear anytime soon. So learning how to cope and deal with stress without being overrun by anxiety is an important skill to have.

In this thought-provoking class, Sahera Laing reveals the unconventional science of dealing with stress, transforming our thinking about anxiety so it becomes a powerful ally.

Bespoke Workshops & Talks

Bespoke Workshops & Talks

Book a workshop or talk

Sahera conducts many talks around the world in person or via Skype.

Whether you need to support staff or students with mental health and well being, Sahera can tailor courses and talks to suit your needs.

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