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I’m Sahera Laing and I am a Mental Fitness Trainer & Coach. I help my clients maintain their mental fitness and health and move towards a more inspiring and compelling future.

To do this, I provide a safe, non-judgemental space for my clients so they feel comfortable to discuss those tough subjects, that one would normally avoid. We work through these ideas redesigning thought processes, shifting the obstacles so they can move forward with more freedom, confidence and focus.

I believe there is no one way to resolve a problem and so continue to keep adding to my toolkit of skills to allow me more breath and scope with my clients. With a background in engineering management and consultancy, I have a very strategic approach to my work. Trained in Hypnosis, NLP, Brief Strategic Therapy, Counseling and Coaching. I work in a very unique way owing to my broad skill set and diverse knowledge.

I partner with my clients to understand where they currently stand and where they would like to go. I then help them find the shortest and easiest route between the two, removing the barriers along the way.

I work with a huge variety of clients from teenagers to CEOs. Considering that coaching tends to be a female based industry, my clients are mostly men from 14 to 94! I get to help them with pretty much anything - from changing unwanted habits to weight loss, better parenting, enriching relationships, dating, building careers & wealth.


MEN & WOMEN - wanting to resolve problems affecting their life and make the move towards having more clarity, focus, drive & confidence.
TEENAGERS - developing confidence & communications skills to give them the edge in today’s world.

CORPORATES - who care about employee health & well-being through EPA’s to training to lunchtime talks and meditations.
CONFERENCE AND EVENT COMPANIES: who need a dynamic, interesting inspiring speaker on well-being related issues.
INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PUBLICATIONS - Print & Online - well-being expert comment & opinion

Sahera has a gentle guiding hand that leads you to that space in your head where solving things is easy. I wouldn’t have discovered that without her. She’s an amazing support.
— David, Christchurch

I am based near Christchurch, New Zealand. 

I am available for one-to one consultations in my private office (by the beach) or via Skype or FaceTime. 

Book me for your next event by emailing me today.

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I save lives. I enable my clients to lead more fulfilled lives where they can get to be more and expect more from and for themselves - I save them from destroying their life.
— Sahera
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"Sahera has helped me through my depression and back into my life is only a handful of sessions. I can't believe how fast we got results that have lasted. I feel stronger, more confident and a heck happier!" James, Wellington

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I work with you in the way I would want to be worked with. I want solutions and I want them fast. I don’t want to spend months digging up the past and analyzing how I feel about it. I want to get on with my life. I want to move past the problem and get on with enjoying myself. That’s what I offer my clients.

— Sahera Laing