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Smoking Cessation - Stop Smoking Right Away

If you are a smoker or a business owner and have smoking employees you are probably aware of just how costly smoking is for your business: smoking related illnesses, absences from work, time taken by employees nipping out for a smoke (ten minutes a cigarette, say six times a day 5 man- hours a week per smoker). 

What do I do that’s different? 

  • I don’t work with groups. No two smokers are the same and so I insist on working individually with my clients.

  • It also only takes one session. They leave my office a non smoker and stay a non smoker.

  • In understand how they smoke before I begin work. I take my smoker clients through several pages of questions which confirm whether or not they are ready to quit. If, at the end of those questions, I am not convinced I send them home. That’s right, I will not work with them. They are better off giving it more time before addressing the habit. As any smoker who has quit will tell you, timing is key. If they are ready to quit I then have pages of detailed notes that tell me how they hold onto the habit. I make not assumptions, I work completely in their world and their understanding of the habit. When we do the hypnosis I use their language, their coding of the habit and their understanding of what they want.

  • I guess nothing. I make no assumptions.

All hypnosis I do with my clients is unique, specially designed for the the person I am working with. It’s tailored to fit which is why I have such a high success and referral rate.

Hypnosis is the easy and straightforward option as long as you are at the stage of never wanting to smoke again. I can help you become a non smoker in less than 2 hours!

With smoking now prohibited in restaurants, bars and governmental business districts, the trend is for all public and shared spaces to be smoke free. This includes the work place.

I help a number of organizations make this transition.

Most smokers smoke about a packet a day, anywhere from 15 to 30 cigarettes. Thatʼs as much as $750 a month ($9000 a year) not including money spent on breath fresheners, hand creams, etc. The cost is significant to both the smoker and the business.

"I have been to see several hypnotists to stop smoking through the years with little success. Sahera was the first and only one to really understand my habit and to design the hypnosis for me and ONLY me. Her support has been amazing and very much appreciated. For my family and for myself - I am a NON SMOKER!" Craig, NZ

“I am amazed how easy it was to ditch 30 a day! Sahera is considerate, fun and right on the button. She doesn’t mess about, everything she does is clear, concise and gets the job done. Thanks you Sahera, you have saved my life.” David, Sydney

“I highly recommend Sahera to anyone serious about quitting smoking. She thorough, lovely to talk to, there’s no judgement, she’s insightful and her treatment works damn well.” Gary, Auckland

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The main difficulty for smokers is that they consciously know all the reasons for giving up smoking and may even have a smoking related illness, but something keeps telling them that smoking is okay or that they can give up later. This voice comes from the unconscious part of the mind, which has been ʻprogrammedʼ at the first experience of smoking and has not changed since then. The first experience was usually in the early teenage years, with a group of others, when smoking was ʻnaughty but niceʼ and a way of keeping in the group.

83% of my smoker clients are referral. 

I go for a win-win. When a client leaves my office a non smoker, they tell someone else about me. It seems to be working!