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Frequently Asked Questions


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Can you help me lose weight?

I can't melt weight off you, but I can help you make changes to your thinking and to your lifestyle. Changes made lets the weight slip away naturally, so that maintaining your desired body shape is little to no extra effort. 

Holding onto more weight than you need is often a symptom of something else. When you are in a good place, there is no weight issue. Everything you do starts in your mind and that is where I begin working with you. Understanding how your mind holds on to excess weight and changing what you think and, therefore do, gets the weight slipping off very quickly.

"I have lost 12 kgs working with Sahera. I no longer feel driven to devour biscuits and chips - I’m more drawn to healthier food - without any effort! My body is slimmer, I feel more confident and she did MUCH more than help me lose weight, she changed my life and how I feel about myself" Karen, NZ

My doctor has just told me I am depressed, can you help?

Yes, I help a lot of people over come depression, anxiety and anger and move towards happier, healthier and more rewarding pastures. 

"I found Sahera thoughtful, insightful and really clued in. She's helped me get over things I have battled for years, and she did it in 3 sessions! Well worth coming out to see her." Jessica, Albany Auckland


I'm Scared of flying, can you help?

Yes, I can help you overcome phobias and fears in as little as 2-3 sessions. 

“I was getting so anxious riding my horse, and now after working with Sahera I feel more confident and calmer and so does my horse! Our ability to compete has also been improved. Thank you.”  Joanna, Christchurch

Can you help me stop smoking?

Yes in one session! For more information click here.

"Sahera's approaching of ridding us of the horrid curse - Smoking, is so unique and her support open and valuable. I can honestly say, I am living the dream! My gratitude always Sahera." Craig, New Zealand

we are having relationship issues, can you help?

I am not a couples counsellor, I am a relationship coach and I help couples improve their communication and relating skills. I can help you with creating strategies to find the relationship you want, or rebuild the relationship you are in. If you need help developing your dating skills, such as overcoming approach anxiety, finding the confidence to get to know potential partners, working on your body language, developing your communication skills. I can help.

"We have never come across anyone who works so fast. We went to see marriage counsellors for months with no results, then a friend recommended Sahera and just a few sessions we are back on honeymoon and it's just feeling GREAT! Thank you Sahera for saving our marriage" Tina & Matt, NZ